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By Mody from mB4jO0TMvtx on 12/20/2015 11:18:12 PM
, “some 8th house moon people are aedictdd to crisis.” Aaah, lightbulb went off: I feel that I have to be steady and helpful in a crisis, that I need to be the strong one that could fix problems, particularly when dealing with my mother.If I use the Whole House system, and swing that moon into the 9th house, I read: needing to travel and foreign cultures (check: my wanderlust is legendary), needing to explore spirituality (check: always felt at odds with organized religion and have been searching for God in my own way), and needing the astrology (check check). This feels more “me” and a moon that I can relate to.It's interesting seeing my chart using the Whole House system- almost all of my planetary bodies are in different houses! Almost like reading a new chart About my mother: This woman once taught me that if the number “1”stood for “health” and it was followed by a series of “zeros, each “0” representing “wealth,” “fame, “career, etc., then to remember that those “zeros” were worth nothing, without that number “1” proceeding it. That money was nice but not to be greedy or selfish. Taught me how to shop for a good bargain. Yet this is the same woman who does not understand why I chose to freelance instead of wanting a menial salaried job with retirement/ health benefits (regardless of how overqualified I was for the job). Who complains that all people are out to rob her or take advantage of her because they thought she had money. Believed that people constantly were comparing themselves to you and would be jealous if you were successful. When I was living with her, she had wanted me to stay home more often and take care of things around the house. She shopped a lot and hoarded stuff even if she didn’t need it. She said she DIDN'T marry for money, and how now she regrets it. I've been working now to distinguish and recognize her voice and judgements in my head.BTW: Good ol’ Moon is in comfy trines with a lot of planetary pals including:Sun in Cappy (in 4th house, cusp of 5th)Mercury in CappyJupiter in CappyAscendant in VirgoMy moon is comfy, but maybe it’s also complacent. Will look at my moon now, and see what else it truly needs.With gratitude,Winnie
By maaneshwarji from all on 10/20/2015 9:44:06 PM
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