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Living here? Planning to move here? Did you find a new Indian Store or Restauarant in this area? Trying to find a Nanny/baby-sitter?
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By Blanca from EvAhIRuF on 4/7/2012 3:40:54 PM
Family seeking nanny share with ahnoter family.We have an amazing nanny we would like to share with ahnoterfamily. She is available mornings starting in mid August to cometo your home and look after your little one. Our nanny has beenwith us full time for the past 2 ! years looking after our little boy.She has become an integral part of our child’s life. He is now 3 !and he will be starting a morning program at school in the fall. Inan effort not to lose a member of our family (our nanny) we areseeking a nanny share with ahnoter family that needs morning careand lives near the City of Decatur. Prior to coming to our homeour nanny was a Montessori teacher’s aid, who worked withchildren between the ages of infant and 7 years old. Because ofher experience in education, she is not only a care provider, butalso a teacher. She helped our son learn to become a self-confidenttoddler, and prepared him for preschool. She worked with him in aloving way to communicate clearly with speech, becomeindependent in the bathroom, dress himself and become selfmotivated. Everyday is a learning experience, even if it’s justgoing for a walk in the neighborhood and talking about all thatthey see. Because she is also an artist, they do many creative andcraft activities throughout the year. She is extremely patient andloving while creating boundaries. A complete gem! If interestedplease call Karen at 404-808-8099 or email me at!
By Issy from aQsPi5OBo6 on 1/15/2016 10:57:49 AM
TYVM you've solved all my prebolms