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Living here? Planning to move here? Did you find a new Indian Store or Restauarant in this area? Trying to find a Nanny/baby-sitter?
Write about anything you feel like sharing with other Indians in this area.

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By Gautam Desai from Kansas on 1/20/2009 1:05:41 PM
I am looking to move to Fort lauderdale...Need some help/Guidance to some of the decent suburbs or rental communites I can stay in. Something that has indian store and indian restaurents near by. I can be reached at
By Shalini from Ft Lauderdale on 12/29/2009 10:11:08 AM
Hi I'm Shalini, I'm 24 and I recently moved to Ft. Lauderdale from NY and Im hating it here because I have no friends or family my age :(
By David from VzUzaZZBOITRLhgbleo on 4/8/2012 1:32:18 AM
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