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Horoscope - Capricorn
Daily Capricorn Horoscope for April 22, 2013

Overview : You have a gift for planning, and on a day like today, it's easy to see why you are so renowned. You can hold a hundred little details in your head simultaneously and make them all work out right.
Extended : People are giving you feedback that is genuine, although it might be hard for you to believe right now -- these people are not just praising you for their health, they really mean it! Have faith in yourself and understand that you're capable of amazing things. The worst mistake you can make today is to limit yourself. This applies to new relationships, career challenges and even business opportunities. Act on your ideas and climb out of your shell.
Work : How karma unfolds is uncertain, but how office politics unfurls is crystal clear. Direct some of your spare energy toward a colleague, if not for the former reason, then for the latter.
Home & Garden : It may have become abundantly clear that you have an issue to deal with in your house, but don't panic until you know the facts. While termites eating away a windowsill may make your skin crawl, the solution may not be as dramatic as it seems.

Weekly Capricorn Horoscope for week of 04/22/2013 through 04/28/2013

Overview : Get out your calendar and start making those holiday vacation plans -- this week is a great time to do all the research, fact-finding and bargain-hunting you'll need for a great trip. You'll get a lot of work off your plate early in the week, but by Thursday your empty inbox will once again be flooded. You may spin your wheels a bit, but by the end of the week, key decisions will get you more organized. You'll gain power at the office and prestige in the eyes of your friends.
Business : Watch for a leadership role to open up at the beginning of the week -- or for an opportunity to create one. You've got the right stuff; taking on a new project is more than worth it if it gives you the chance to show it. On Thursday and Friday, however, don't push your boss (or your boss' boss, or an important client, or even your mom). Authority demands respect now, and if you're not feeling it, you'd be wise to fake it, at least for the moment. As for the weekend, someone with a serious eye for detail complements your skillset very nicely. Partner up.
Travel : Monday and early Tuesday present plenty of good opportunities for planning -- that's already your strong suit, but take advantage of this window to make even more prudent precautions (like double-checking tickets, bags and itineraries). Towards the middle of the week, forge ahead. You've got the initiative to see lots of new places and learn lots of new things. Besides, Friday and Saturday will find you distracted with friends, helping out, making plans and getting organized. On Sunday, the impossible might seem just out of reach -- but push ahead and go after it! Only your preconceptions can hold you back.

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