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Horoscope - Libra
Daily Libra Horoscope for April 22, 2013

Overview : You are perfect for detail-oriented tasks today -- so it's a good thing there are so many of them for you to handle! See if you can get your people to pass along their chores to you for bonus karma.
Extended : When you encounter a new or confusing person today, be thorough with your questions -- the more meticulous you are with what you want to know, the more perceptive you have the capacity to be. This isn't an attempt to catch them in a lie or uncover some deep dark secret -- you're not interrogating them. There is no doubt that they will be flattered by your intense interest. And be prepared to answer your own detailed questions, should they choose to turn the tables.
Work : It's a lackluster start to the week. You just can't get revved up enough to get anything started, much less finished. If you need extra motivation, think of all the things you could lose if you don't produce.
Home & Garden : Your nitpicking will serve your house well as your attention will be focused on other things than your housemates. Take the time to pick dead leaves off of plants and dust between the antique teacups, making things just so.

Weekly Libra Horoscope for week of 04/22/2013 through 04/28/2013

Overview : Even when there are a million details flying around in your head, you'll find a way to put it all on hold when your friends need you -- and they'll need you a lot this week. Your listening skills will get quite a workout! A romantic date Thursday or Friday will give you the attention you've been missing for a while. Expect future plans to be made that night. It's time to re-evaluate your attitude toward money and material goods when a weekend shopping spree brings change to more than just your wardrobe.
Business : Work relationships flourish under your attentive care at the beginning of the week. You'll see opportunities for very helpful exchanges, and you're skilled at creating solutions in which everyone wins. Your interpersonal energy only gets better around Thursday and Friday; know your way around negotiations now, and ask for more than you want (or even more than you think is at all possible). The universe provides. As for the weekend, you may need to provide -- a report, some numbers, a consult at an inconvenient hour. Duty calls -- don't let it go to voicemail.
Travel : As the week begins, your natural diplomacy comes into play once again. You're not the only one who's feeling overwhelmed by logistics right now, and a few kind words from you can keep spirits high. Don't worry about getting where you want to go -- instead, spend time listening to your travel companions. That kindness and attention will be repaid many times over by midweek, as everyone clamors to get near you. Enjoy the admiration (and maybe even romance!), even if that means you spend more time flirting than sightseeing. On Friday and Saturday, reassess your travel budget, and on Sunday, find somewhere new to explore (and maybe someone new to help lead the way).

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