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Horoscope - Pisces
Daily Pisces Horoscope for April 22, 2013

Overview : Your relationships are important to you, of course, but it may feel as if you're the only one working to keep them healthy. Try to get your people to see things your way today, if possible.
Extended : Positive results may slow in coming in your life right now, but other people are getting behind you more and more. Your personal cheerleader squad is growing, so your spirits will be shiny and bright. Your ambition is also starting to burn a little brighter, but you should resist taking on any more challenging projects right now. Instead, just pick the path of least resistance and wait for everyone else to get on the same page as you. It won't take too long.
Work : If only you could tell your problems to your friends during working hours. But wait, you can text! You may be tempted, but the look on your face is a dead giveaway. Exercise some professional restraint.
Home & Garden : After three months of not being able to wear your favorite pair of shoes, the message may have finally sunk in -- just take the shoes in and have them repaired! When they sit in your closet in a state of disrepair, they are doing nothing but going out of style.

Weekly Pisces Horoscope for week of 04/22/2013 through 04/28/2013

Overview : Helping those you love can be a tricky thing -- how do you offer good advice without being too critical? As the week progresses, keep that in mind when people come to you for your feedback. You don't always have to know everything inside and out to offer your opinion, so don't let that stop you. Take a day at the end of the week to clean out your closets and purge yourself of things you no longer use. If a headstrong friend pushes you to get involved in something you're not sure about, tell them 'no' -- and don't back down.
Business : Make an effort to cut out the middleman, try to go to the source at the beginning of the week. If you can do it without stepping on any toes, you'll move things along in a way that benefits everyone. Then revisit schedules and reassess timelines around Thursday and Friday. A new way to fit all the pieces together may be evolving -- locate it and look like a star. This weekend really should involve serious time off to recharge and regroup. If you must work, take care with security issues and avoid dealing with unknown quantities or unproven parties.
Travel : You're too kind! Or more precisely, you're exactly kind enough as the week begins -- and others will appreciate your helping hand. You might feel more hesitant than usual about pitching in and helping out, but don't: Sometimes the native helps the visitor, and sometimes it's the other way around. Towards the middle of the week, take extra care in picking a new path -- whom you travel with could prove just as important as where you decide to go. On Friday and Saturday, don't let yourself get run over. Someone might try to fleece you (on a purchase? on a reservation?), but just stand up for yourself. This Sunday, luck is on your side.

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